we are so sad… the contamination


I write this blog to you
who livin’ over the sea,another country.

Have you ever seen like such a picture?

This is a display of our radiational instrument.
Can you see the graph?
It shows how Japan is contaminated,not whole but partly.

In March 2013,
We measured a filter of a car.
It was used by one of our volunteer staff,
She lived around KANTO ;region around Tokyo,
and her husband went often to TOHOKU;north region around Fukushima
by driving the car.

His wife,our staff,wanted to know if the car was contaminated by radiation.
We wanted to do so,too.
The filter of the car should draw the air of TOHOKU region.

At that time,in 2013,
it showed terrible contamination,
about 1,500 becquerel /1kg; gamma rays of Cs-134 and 137.

After one year,
we measured it again.
we want to know whether radiation is more less by passing time.

The fact was as we had feared.

Only a little decreased,
but it has remaind.
It showed about 1,300 becquerel /1kg; gamma rays of Cs-134 and 137.

This is unimaginable contamination as ordinary life.

We do know the contamination has remainds.
It was real Japan we living.

What should we do?
The first thing is to KNOW THE FACT,
and let know other people,
livin’ another country just like you.

We’ll continue to struggle.



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