NARA CRMS 〜citizen’s radioactivity measuring station in Nara 〜

I think you reading this blog,
living whole over the world.

You know,
the terrible accident,
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants in March 11 2011.

after then,
we are citizens living in Nara prefecture,
talked about what we should do.
and decided buy a measuring instrument
to know our foods are contaminated or not.

but we don’t have enough money,techniques, and knowledge.
and we started to study about radiation,
request funds and so on.
we requested help to many people at many place.

we were so lucky,
our representative Makoto Tsujimoto
have very nice friend who is a doctor Norio Irie,
has studied depleted Uranium bombs,
and knew well dangerous of Neclear.
He lent us a room and gave many help.

we could start our work in March 2013,
and named “Nara CRMS”.
CRMS is “citizen’s radioactivity measuring station”.

we had measured many foods,soils,and so on.

I am a volunteer at Nara CRMS.
I’m going to write sometime about our works.

I hope you’d like this,and will be useful for you.


↑↑↑this is we!!!



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